a simple and easy to use unit test aid for C++
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#include "unit--.h"


testCase(CompareCase, MySuite)
    int x = 1;
    int y = x + 2;
    assertTrue(x < y);
Yes, that's all. There's no need to register your test case else where.
Simply compile your code and link it with unit--.cpp


unit-- is designed to be fully portable across different platforms and C++ compilers. It should support all standard compatible compilers. But not all compilers support the standard very well, thus unit-- needs to be tested on different compilers.

unit-- has been tested with a number of compilers, including:

  1. VisualAge's aggressive optimization options have the potential to alter the semantics of a user's program. In such case, VACPP might be not fully compliant to the standard, but with carefully chosen parameters, it is supported. See FAQ.

if you run unit-- successfully with any other compiler(s) on any platform, it would be appreciated if you post on the project's forum Here is a list of existing posts:
Visual C++ 8.0

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