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  1. Definition of unit test on wikipedia

  2. In computer programming, a unit test is a method of testing the correctness of a particular module of source code.

  3. Unit Tests Rules

  4. unit test rules from extremeprogramming.org

  5. Your First Unit Test

  6. This is a brief article discussing how to begin unit test in a serious project.

  7. Unit Testing Overview

  8. Since unit tests are used to test individual units of a system, you can ensure that the unit implements the correct functionality and encapsulates the appropriate error handling.

  9. Refactorings Catalog

  10. Refactoring could be useful when writing unit test cases, especially when you apply Test Driven Development

  11. Testing Patterns

  12. Patterns does not provide test cases, but help us write better test cases.

  13. Test Driven Development: By Example

  14. A nice book that illustrates how to write "clean code that works" with Test Driven Development.

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